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Earth, Air, Fire & Water binds us to
The Craft...
Join The Gathering & make new

Outings, Festivals, Potluck, Supplies, Classes,
Magic, Circles, Rituals & More

Samhain, Yule, Imbole, Ostara, Beltaine, Litha,
Lammas, Mabon & More
Bi-Esbate @ different locations -- all into Witchcraft

Welcome to The Gathering... A World Wide Network Group

Bless Be...

This is your invitation...

The Gathering has been going since our way of life started many long years ago. There are so many people today following the different paths of witchcraft that the need to form together in one World Wide Network still one Group, (tho their own path) The Gathering started. A gathering of all Pagans interested in witchcraft. To bring unity and to share interests with one another.

This is not limited to groups (or circles) but to everyone, including solitaires, families and children are welcome. By registering with The Gathering...we will be able to unite those in similar areas together to form chapters in their Counties with a State Representative. In this way each person in The Gathering will know what events are going on:

1) in their County

2) within their State

3) with the National Gathering (held in different parts of America yearly)

4) with Gatherings in other Counties

Bi-Esbate are held at different locations so that all can be involved in The Gathering. At present we are looking for grounds, or any place to call home, where we can offer more classes and opportunities at one central location, to be the main location for The Gathering.

Joining The Gathering is joining friends and others to share witchcraft with and much more. Our expressions, and even the way we dress or invoke the powers, are all shared by all of us in The Gathering. Tell others about our Onelist at:

For those of you getting this letter without subscribing to our Onelist, please do so by clicking the above link.

Events such as Outings to go to National Forest Services and have The Gatherings where hundreds and thousands of people can come and enjoy a range of events and activities in the pagan-friendly settings offered by The Gathering. Parties and Holidays are just a few ways we can do things with others as we share the warmth around the seasons and so much more. Potluck when we all bring something to share at a communal meal and enjoy friendship...

Hitching Post for Dragons and other friendly creatures.

Please clean up after your creature and keep them on leash if with you. Fire breathing creatures are hitched in different area we have learned from past gatherings we don't want any more unwanted barbecues. All indoor activities are NO SMOKING events, its now the law in public places, and no drugs are allowed on the premises at anytime. by our using of National Forest Land, barter is only way to buy or sell anything! NO money of any kind, this helps us to stay within our Constitutional Rights. See below:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,
and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
The First Amendment to the Constitution of the united States of America.

All are welcome as long as you respect our rule of NO VIOLENCE.

We also ask that you come unscented, because many of the Members are Chemical Allergic. This means we get sick around hair spray, after shave, perfume, cologne, scented soap and cigarette smoke.

We look forward to seeing you and others soon...

Magic Cauldron

To keep The Gathering going, and to continue the support of many more future gatherings. We accept your generous gift donations to our Magic Cauldron. The Magic Cauldron can be found at the main area of all the Gatherings and a smaller Magic Cauldron is carried around by our Witches. Any gifts will help support many more gatherings. Gift donations are used for building funds, parties, supplies, outings, food, online support, elect. water, gas, etc., bills, by your gifts you help support the gatherings, and much more to keep The Gathering for all of us to share. The Gathering is a Nonprofit Network Group.

****NOTE: The Gathering will also be a TV series (being filmed in the Youngstown, Ohio area) with a starring cast of 15 to 20 of those who have joined The Gathering (and can act)! Our plans are to travel America and the United States with the show. We have been asked for a version for over seas as well. We are still seeking creative writers for the TV series. (White Elephants, Angels & Investors always welcome) Advertisers & Retail stores may advertise in the TV show or have spots as commercials.

The Gathering Magazine Online will soon be up and running, at that time, we plan to include a Personal Ad Section, so, whether you're Single, Widowed, or Divorced, plan to have your ads ready! We also plan to include a separate section in which to advertise your shops, circles, covens, groups, etc., including classifieds section.

As we work toward the opening of The Gathering Magazine Online we also look forward to printing the hard copy magazine to send out via subscription and to your local craft stores. With stories, articles, personals, classifieds, group/circle/coven/solitary listings, what's going on in the world, gatherings, events, advertising, and much more. A subscription magazine that will keep you well informed.

We send out on request a list of retail stores open to the public that have witchcraft supplies, and other Pagan businesses.

Starting your own business/store? Contact us for a list of wholesale suppliers so that you can well stock your store or have ready for your customers if your putting a web site up.

We now offer the complete Theban Script including numbers and symbols for earth, air, fire, water and spirit on to disk for both PC and Mac computers. Now you can really make your Shadows books and everything look great. When you join The Gathering Onelist check out our Bookmarks to find this site on the Internet.

For those of you who have ICQ then we may be reached at; 2299900 For The Gathering... and Skies Of Fire Coven at; 2299926 ICQ is a free Internet paging system... Tons better or thousands of times better than what AOL offers ... why type to one, when you can talk if you have the program? With tons more things... Don't wait, check out ICQ and with it when you get on our list 2299900 you will receive all the announcements from The Gathering and URL's to interesting Internet sites on Witchcraft, Wicca, supplies, clothes, and more. Here is one of our favorite stores to shop for clothes... with ICQ you will get many great sites like this. Check out ICQ today... Along with info on The Gathering Magazine, The Gathering times and locations when we meet ... and still lots more! To get ICQ for those of you who don't have it go to: or

All this and still much more ... for those in The Gathering.
Below are 3 Forms to help you get started:

Form 1- A membership Registration Form

Form 2- A continuation of Form 1 (for Merchants only)

Form 3- An application for Group Listings (covens, circles, solitaries, associations)

This is your invitation to get out of the closet so to speak... If you're interested in finding new friends who share The Craft / Witchcraft, or your particular Path, then we need a little information from you.

ATTENTION: Please... PLEASE when you send back your Registration please send it only to: we cannot be responsible for the privacy and security of your information, if you click on reply and send it to someone else who sent you this invitation. Believe it or Not ... there are people still clicking the Reply button and we don't get the information someone else does.

To join The Gathering; please fill out the information below. Just being on our list does not make you a member! You must register! Please cut and paste the Registration Form below and send it back to For those of you who don't know how to cut and paste... just highlight the area you want and on most servers right mouse button on it, then copy/cut and goto your email and click in the text box then right mouse button and paste. Sorry I don't have a Mac am lost there. If you highlight it and click reply make sure you delete the name that it was sent from and put in

========cut and paste==========

Form 1
The Gathering Member's Registration Form

[ ] Yes, please list my name, email/phone # with Country, State, County so that others may contact me as a new friend in my area. The only information that gets listed is marked by a *astra if your online only your email address, if not online then your phone number. (If not checked above, you won't be listed). {{{ We enjoy having all of you as new friends and with your Birth Date filled out we can send you a special card for that day}}}.

*Email Address:

*Craft Name:





Zip Code:



*Area Code & Phone #:

Birth Date:

Marital Status:




*Your Path:



PLEASE return your information ONLY to:

DO NOT send to the sender or to the list. This is the only way we can keep this information secure for you.

========cut and paste==========

To any retail store, business or web site that would like to advertise with us:

Please fill out the Form listed above, as well as the form below, telling us about your business. This includes any wholesale supply businesses, as well as those that sell witchcraft products, Pagan businesses, etc., to retail stores. All business listings will be found on our web site for The Gathering. If you have a web site we will advertise and link to you. If you're not yet on the Internet, you will still be listed. We have members all over the world looking for supplies, clothes, jewelry, etc., you name it they're looking for it! Advertising is free on The Gathering, provided you advertise for us in return. Retail Stores will also be listed in exchange for advertising The Gathering.

========cut and paste==========

Form 2

Application For Business Listing (pt. 2)

Store Name:

Web site:

Store Address:



Zip Code:



Area code & phone number:

Area code & Fax number:

E-mail Address:



What in general is your product line:

Store Hours:

Closed When:

Other Info:

All who use our information are asked to tell you they saw your listing in The Gathering. This will serve to keep you informed as to the number of visitors your ad is reaching. PLEASE return your information ONLY to: DO NOT send to the sender or to the list. This is the only way we can keep this information secure for you. Please mark in the subject area Business.

========cut and paste==========

Form 3

Groups, Covens, Circles, Solitary:

If you want to be listed in The Gathering Magazine under the titles of: Solitary, Circles, Groups, Covens, etc. By filling out the Form below, you are giving us: The Gathering, The Gathering Magazine Online, The Gathering Magazine and the International Skies Of Fire Coven permission to print, advertise, post, and display ONLY the information titled below, in a printed format. In no way does this refer to your personal information when you filled that out in you Member's Registration Form at the top. That information is PRIVATE, and is only for our records. The information on the business is given out and advertised along with this section. Please tell us as much about your group or solitary as you can to interest others in your area to contact you.

=======cut and paste==========

Application For Group Listing

Name of Group, Coven, Circle:

If Solitary Name:




Zip Code:



Area Code and Phone#:

Fax Number:

Email Address:

Do YOU have a newsletter:

Do YOU or your group teach:



PLEASE return your information ONLY to:

DO NOT send to the sender or to the list. This is the only way we can keep this information secure for you.

========cut and paste==========

For those of you who would be interested in joining a circle or coven, you can meet with many different groups to find one that would be right for you. The Gathering is sponsored by the "Int. Skies Of Fire Coven,"

Int. Skies Of Fire Coven
Youngstown Ohio
Mahoning County
330-536-6968 Extension 3.
Private & Group Lessons

Witchcraft and use Ritual or Art/High Magic & Kabbalah: the philosophy behind Magic (and for that matter, all religion, too.

The "Grimoires" have this as their purpose, and this is what we've adopted in our coven...

Skies Of Fire Coven offers a 3-D chat line coven online. You can get the software free from then put this number in the Palace Address box: Port 9998 Drop us a line and let us know when your going to visit and we can meet you there to show you around.... You will want the Palace Client when you get there so here is the downloading site below have fun.:

Solve the mystery of Merlin and you could win more than you have dreamed of.... the estimated time to figure out the spell is 1 or 2 years the closing date of the contest is DEC 31 2002! You may find the book at this location:

What is The Gathering policy on SPAM?

The Gathering & Onelist has taken several measures to discourage Spam, or unsolicited commercial email. Part of the registration process involves responding to an email message that Onelist sends out. This is to ensure that every list subscriber is using a valid email address and can therefore be held accountable if they Spam. We do not allow unauthorized posts to The Gathering List in way of advertising: web sites, stores, businesses, chat lines & other lists, groups, circles, etc. All who would like to have these things listed we request in return that you list information about The Gathering and provide a link back to us and/or give us an address to where we can send you Information Cards 4" X 6" index cards printed with information on them about The Gathering and on the reverse side a Registration Form with you're Name ~ City & State ~ Phone Number and a place where they can send the card to. These cards should be displayed on or about near the cash register area. Send your advertisements only to: The Gathering World Wide Witchcraft Network at: This site receives email for listing the above information, events & News.


Please take a moment to review this message.

The below unsubscribe section is ONLY if you have already subscribe to The-Gathering. If you have received this invitation by other means than disregard the how to unsubscribe from this list information. Again its only for subscribers.

To unsubscribe from this list, go to the Onelist web site, at, and select the User Center link from the menu bar on the left. This menu will also let you change your subscription between digest and normal mode.


This is not intended to be junk mail it is only for those in Witchcraft or Wicca and other like minded people. Please feel free to copy and pass along to others like us or have them contact us.

Don't be shy ... we do make mistakes from time to time with our spelling etc. If you see something let us know we try to take care of all the typo.....

Welcome to our list... If you would take a few minutes and send an email to to introduce yourself, your circle, your group or your coven so that all the subscribers and members on this list will be able to welcome you on ... its our way of being introduced... Please when you want to send to the list send to the above address only. There are many of our subscribers and members who send their email to The Gathering Office and wonder why they don't get posted. It takes us quite a while to get through the tons of mail we receive to find a post and forward it to (If its related to questions, addressing a member of the staff, suggestions, how-to, or other email to The Gathering and not to the general subscribers and members please send it to

Feel free to email us and talk to any of us. For questions about The-Gathering please address them to:

The Gathering main headquarters are in Youngstown Ohio America With Chapters starting all over America, United States, & Other Countries.

May the power be with you...
Bless Be...
The Gathering

For self is a sea boundless and measureless. Say not,
"I have found the truth," but rather,
"I have found a truth." Say not,
"I have found the path of the soul." Say rather,
"I have met the soul walking upon my path,"
for the soul walks upon all paths.
~Kahlil Gibran...