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Friends of our Den

One day Silver and I were going through the World Wide Web when I heard a little giggle. I looked around and no one was there.I looked around again and saw a tiny little fairy."Hello" I said,"who are you?"She giggled again and said,"I want a home,can you take me with you? I have lots of friends who need a home to." "Where are they?" I said in confusion, She replied "Let me take you there!" So, Silver and I were off to where she was from.When we got there I replied,"There are so many of you,Not all of you can come with us. I will take 3 more of you tiny ones and the pretty fairy with the red wings and dress."I told the other fairies I will help them find homes. Then,the other fairies thanked us and we were on our way.

Next we came across a Dragon."Hello"I said,"Who are you?" "I want to come home with you" He replied, "And there are others where I am from." Silver shook his head, "Dragon, what are we going to do with Dragons?" "Love them of course!" I said laughing. Everyone else laughed too, Then the Dragon took us to the others. "Wow!" I said, "Uh Oh" Silver replied, Because he knows how fond of Dragons I am, I said in amazement, "There are so many of you I will take one of each of you and the rest I will help you find homes. I promise." The Dragons said thank you and we were on our way.

As we were almost back to the Den I saw two cute little creatures."Who are you?" I said,"You are cute." "I am Poofie and this is my girlfriend Elisa we are Banshee's and we are following you home." "Let me guess there are more of you that want to come home too." Silver said in a sarcastic way. Poofie replied, "We are very fun and all of us are different in our own way. Please come with me to meet the others."They showed us the way,then *poof* they were gone. They reappeared and told us that we were there."How do I choose?" I replied, Suddenly a cute Banshee named Joker came up to me,"You are funny I'll take you." I told him. Then Silver saw one named Merlin,"I like you, you can come with us." I saw one in the distance with a heart named Lovey."You are full of love, I'll take you as well." So,all of us went on our way. The other Banshees cried,"Take us too!" I told them, "We will tell all of our friends to come and visit you and I am certain they would want one or more of you to take home." They thanked us and we were on our way home.

Now that we have adopted friends in our Den, visit each one of them but leave them here.They will all tell you where their friends are and you can get your very own. So, stay a while and meet our new friends.

Meet the Fairies

"We were adopted from"~ Ladyhipoo's

Meet the Dragons

Special Dragon

Rose Dragon

Water Dragon

Detailed Dragon

"We were adopted from"~

Meet The Banshees

This is MerlinThis is Lovey

This is joker

This is Poofie and Elisa

"We were adopted from"~