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Our boy's Dragons

Our sons mean the World to us, we desided to pick some Dragons just for them. Skyler, our oldest of 6 years, picked his very own and even named it. He said the one he chose looked like a Tattoo so that is what he named him. The other Dragon he helped us pick for our one year old boy, Celton , and we couldn't resist to give him the name of Pooter because that is our nickname for him. These Dragons are so cute, and at the bottom of the page you can find our where we found them and you can get your very own.

Just a note..Skyler also made this background and he said we had to use it for his dragon.

This is Skyler's Dragon

This is Celton's Dragon

I Support the Dragon 

Supporter of the Adopt a Dragon Foundation

I couldn't resist to add this in here :). I love playing Spyro The Dragon on Play Station! My Son Skyler does too ( of course so does Silver) I went to the Website and took there Quiz. I Got all the Answers Right. The Certificate Has the link to the Spyro Website. Check it out! Also, Check out Universal Studios Offical Website.