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Upcoming for November



Moon Phases:

4th Quarter: Nov 29th 6:19p.m.

New Moon: Nov 7th 10:53p.m.

2nd Quarter: Nov 16th 4:04a.m.

Full Moon: Nov 23rd 2:04a.m. (mourning moon) {all times are for EST}

* all info from the Witches Calendar 1999

Fall is here, Winter is coming...get your coats out of the closet!

Classified Page

Welcome to the Classified page of "The Silver Wolf Den". Here you will find information, events, and items for sale. Also at this time we are excepting donations to be put forth for the upkeep of the Den. If you would like to help and if you would like to add to this page please e-mail me, Silver Wolf and I will be glad to put your entry here. All entries MUST be based on Wiccan/Pagan religions. Type "Silver Wolf Den" in the subject line so it is not deleted. All will be looked over for approval before it is added. And if you would like to give a donation, your name will be listed on our up coming Page~O~Thanks. Blessed Be!
Silver Wolf

Book and Music

The Music of Loreena McKennitt

Lorenna McKennitt is one of the most inspirational singers around. Here are some of her CD's that are a must have!

Book of Secrets

Mask & Mirror



Coven Craft by Amber K. Great book for knowledge on Covens and Great resorce if you are planning to start one on your own.

The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews by Scott Cunningham. This book is excellent to help you start making your own Incense, Oils & Brews!

Wiccan Magick by Raven Grimassi. Good Wiccan resorce book.

Buy, Sell, Personal and Upcoming Events

We have started a Clan in the Phoenix, AZ called The Silver Dragon Wolf Clan. If you are looking for or are interested in joining a Clan in the Phoenix Area, Please e-mail Silver Wolf and he will be glad to give you ALL of the information you need. Please visit the offical website of The Silver Dragon Wolf Clan

Great Wiccan/Pagan products visit the Dragon Den

Great pagan T-Shirts and more visit Pagan Productions

a must visit in the Phoenix area!