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A Little Something about Faeries

I have done alot of Studing of Faeries. I found out alot of information, That I would like to pass on to you. I read a book called: A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk by Edain McCoy, This book has so much information, if you have a love for Faeries like I do, you should read this book.

Also there are alot of other great books on Faeries (or Fairies, it's spelled in different ways) you may search here: Search for Fairy you may find a book you may be looking for or just look up information, it's up to you :).

Faery endeavors

Here is a quick guide to Faery forms best known for aiding certain endeavors. If you have a knowledge of Faery folk, you will be familiar with each one.

Healing animals: Brown Men, Gnomes, Vilas, Zips

Protection of animals: Bean-Tighe, Brownie, Dinnshenchas, Gnomes, Gruagach, Masseriol, Twlwwyth Tegs, Vasilt, Zips

Protection of home: Bean-Tighe, Brownie, Chin-Chin Kobakama, Clurichaun, Domoviyr, Geancanach, Kolbalbs, Penates, Twywwyth Tegs, Tomtra, Wags-by-the-Way

Healing people: Brown Men, Chi Spirits, Gnomes, Vilas

Protection of people: Bean-Tighe, Brownies, Dinnshenchas, Gwragedd Annwn, Korreds, Twywwyth Tegs

Prosperity spells: Brownies, Gnomes, Leprechaun

Travel/lost objects: Gnomes, Klaboutermannikin, Knockers, Merpeople

Fertility spells: Bean-Tighe, Gnomes, Gruagach

Enviromental aid: Alven, Gnomes, Lesidhes, Wilde Frauen

General ritual aid: Gwragedd Annwn, Jimaninos, Nymphs, Thussers, Tomtra

Healing animals: Dryads, Gnomes, Menehunas, Mother Holle

Earth Magick: Gnomes

Air magick: Sylphs

Spirituality and petioning deities: Dryads, Gnomes, Gruagach, Irish Sea Water Gaurdians, Korreds and Pyrenees, The Lady of the Lake, Leprechauns, Menehunas, Mother Holle, Nibelungen, Oak King and Santa Claus

Marine environmentalism: Alven, Fin Folks, Irish Sea Water Gaurdians, Merpeople

Love spells: The Moerae

Aid in astral projection: Dryads, Mother Holle

Gaining physical energy: Chi Spirits, Tomtra

Fire Magick: Drakes, Geancanach, Salerandees, Salamanders

General magick: Cailleac, Elves, Jinn, Menehunas, Mother Holle, Robin Goodfellow, Tuatha de Danann, Urisks

Water magick: Undines

Deities and Faeries

Despite their lack of fully diminentional spiritual life, a number of faeries are close to, in the service of, having thier energy aligned with, or are even beloved by certian deities. Petitioning a deity is a witch's way of asking the God and Goddess to bless his or her efforts and to add the deity's special energies to the witch's spells. Following is a list of some faeries and the deities with whom they are known to be on good terms, a part of, or in service to.

Deity: Manann Faery: Irish Sea Water Guardians

Deity: Aine Faery: Dinnshenchas

Deity: Holly King Faery: Elves

Deity: Sun Gods Faery: Callicantzaroi, Jinn

Deity: Moon Goddess Faery: Thussers

Deity: Triple Goddess Faery: The Moerae, Corrigan

Deity: Crone Goddess Faery: Cailleac Bhuer, Snow Faeries

Deity: Mother Goddess Faery: Fay, Hyldermoder, Jimanino, Mother Holle, Well Spirits

Deity: Freya/Frigga Faery: Mother Holle

Deity: Dana/Brigid Faery: Tuatha de Danann

Deity: Lugh Faery: Tuatha de Danann

Deity: Dagda Faery: Tuatha de Danann

Deity: Horned God Faery: Robin Goodfellow, Oak King, Holly King

Deity: Odin Faery: The Paian

Deity: Woodland Deities Faery: Gnomes, Wilde Frauen

Deity: Virgin Goddess Faery: Pillywiggins

I just wanted to give a little information on faeries that were of interest to me. Please Pick up that book I told you about in the beginning "A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk" by Edain McCoy. This is where I got my information from, and there is SO much more. Did you know there is 230 diferent Faeries? This book has a Dictionary of each one! Also, there is Faery Magick, Where you can find them, and so much more. If you believe in Faeries like I do, You would love to read about them, and maybe even find some Faeries.