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Songs & Chants

1. Air I Am+

Air I am,Fire I am,Water,Earth, & Spirit I am.

2. Balance Of The Wheel+

Air moves us,Fire transforms us,water shapes us,earth heals us,

And the balance of the wheel goes round and round,
and the balance of the wheel goes round.

3. Born Of Water+

Born of water,cleansing,powerful,healing,changing,we are.

4. Solid As A Rock+

solid as a rock,Deep within the mother.Ancient as the stone,Strong as the sea.

Solid as a rock,set deep within the mother and water that flows round me.

5. Holy Maiden Huntress*+

Holy maiden huntress Artmis,Artemis Maiden come to us.

Silver shining wheel of raidance,raidance mother come to us.

Ancient queen of wisdom Hectae,Cerridwen old ones come to us.

Holy shining sunlight radiant, radiant brother come to us.

Holy maiden huntress Artmis,Artemis Maiden come to us.

*Sing each verse 3 times:#1: one person,#2: everyone,#3: harmony

6. Mother, I Hear You#


Mother, I hear you under my feet.

Mother I hear your heart beat.

7. We Are Alive+

We are alive as the earth is alive. We have the power to fight for our freedom.

If we have courage we can be healers,like the sun we shall rise.

repeat all

8. Goddess-In-The-Round Chant/

We all come from the goddess,and to her we shall return like a drop of rain flowing to the ocean.

Hoof and horn,hoof and horn,all that dies shall be reborn.

vine and grain,vine and grain,all that falls shall rise again.

9. fire of freedom+

And we can like the fire of freedom,truth is the fire that burns our chains.And we can stop the fire of destruction.Healing is the power running through our viens.

10. A Goddess Chant/

(sing each verse 4 times,on the 4th some start next verse)


We are an old people,we are a new people,we are the same people,deeper than before.

(1st time women only,if possible) I am a wild woman,I am a story woman,I am a healer,my soul will never die.

We honor you,empower you,to be who you are.We honor you,empower you to be who you are.

(1st time men only,if possible) I am a strong man,I am a loving man,I am a healer,my soul will never die.

We are an old family,we are a new family,we are a same family,stronger than before.

Isis,Astarte,Diana,Hecate,Demeter,Kali,Inanna. (sing 4 times only...THE END)

+: Starhawk's reclaiming circle's tape #: Acoustic medicine's "Return of the Circle" tape /: unknown source