Special Award
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We are so honored to have recieved this award. This one was sent to Silver Wolf and I must say we were very suprised to have recieved this one.

Here is the e-mail Silver Wolf recieved

Dear Silver Wolf,

Congratulations!! Let it be known that you have won the Magical Site Award from "Meghan's Fairy Tale Pages"! This is a limited edition award that is given out to the "Best of the Best" in the field of Magic and Merriment! It also has a mind-boggling resource of Wiccan information which I found simply marvelous!

Your site was judged by layout, quality, ease of navigation and fantasy content. Only 50 Magical Site awards are being distributed so BE PROUD!

It is not necessary to link back to our page or even display this award. We do not believe that awards should be "glorified linking" but if you would like to link back to our site our url is http://www.taurussoftware.hostings.com/meghan

Again.. Congratulations! You are one of the best sites of magic on the web!

Meghan and her Auntie

Of course, all of our awards are special and so are those who have given them to us. Thank you to all who has visited our site and enjoys our Den.