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~~*Spirit Page*~~

Welcome to our Spirit Page!!

We are in the Site Fights and its alot of fun! We are on Darksbane Dragons Team and we are number one! We are showing our spirit to all who come our way. Please vote for us each and everyday. *grins*

We are the Dragons Here us RROOOOOAAARRRR!
We are number one, need we say more!

We had alot of fun in the Site Fights. Thank you to all who voted for us!

We survived the Nest! We are now in the Caverns YEAH!!! Please vote for us. The graphic will take you there!

Our ROAR was heard at the "Shout It Out"!

Dragon Wolf earned her Wings! She is now a Spirit Fairy!

I am now an offical Spirit Fairy for DUnicorns Team!

You may see this Spirit Stick your way. I pass it to all teams in the Site Fights who show there Spirit!

here are some Sprirt Sticks you may see, there very fesitve for the holidays, you see:)

This is for Thanksgiving

Look for this one at Christmas

Show your Spirit....We did!

Take a ride on the Dragons back,
Show your Spirit across the sky,
Shout your Spirit LOUD and PROUD!
Show your Spirit High!
Shout your Spirit, yell you Dragons RRROOOAAARRR!
Your Spirit is strong,
Your Spirit is true,
The Dragons know the score!

~~*Special Gifts*~~

A special gift from DSpirit.

A special gift from DLight.

A special gift from DFairy Star.

This special gift is from DSpirit, We are all special!