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Silver and Dragon Wolf

Silver and Dragon Wolf

Merry Meet to you!

When in the Den you probably want to know who we are so we made a page about us.

We are Silver Wolf and Dragon Wolf.

Silver age 25, and Dragon age 27, have been married since April 25th, 1998. We have 2 wonderful boys, Skyler 7 years old and Celton 1 year old. We also have four legged friends in our family, Our Ferret Bandit and our 3 year black kitty Bast. As soon as we can get them to stay still, we will get a picture of them all for you to see.

Living in Phoenix, AZ, We live our lives by the Wiccan Rede and are raising our children by it as well. We are also founders of The SilverDragonwolf Clan.

Silver Wolf was born and raised in Phoenix AZ, and spent five yrs in Nashville TN. Studying Celtic Wicca from a very knowledgeable High Priestess By the name of Tish. He then moved back to Az, for that is where his heart lives. Silver has been practicing Wicca for the last ten yrs.He lives his life following Wicca and tries to be the best father and husband that he can be. He recieves great joy in helping others when he can and fights for the religious freedom of himself and others.His goal is to help people understand that Wicca and Pagan indiviuals are not the way they are seen on TV and in movies like "The Craft".

Dragon Wolf was born in Waukegan IL, but lived most of her life in Mesa AZ. When she was a teenager she was studing Wicca but didn't quite understand and because of family and friends critizing her she stopped her study and joined the Catholic religion. At the age of 24 she met Silver and he showed her the REAL side of Wicca and she went back to her study. Now as a practicing Wiccan she lives her life to the fullest in all that her study can bring and with the support of her husband she can live her life knowing that religion is a way of life without the push of bibles. Right now she is studing Dragon Magick and befriending Dragons in the astral planes.

We welcome you to our Den, We love making new friends. Please feel free to contact us weather it is to say hello or any questions you have on Wicca. Here are our e-mail addresses.

Silver Wolf:

Dragon Wolf:

Bright Blessings To You And Yours. Blessed Be To All!

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