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Wolf Wavs

Listen to the Wolf howl

one Wolf stands alone

Run with the Wolf pack

Wolf kisses for all

Let the Wolf say hello

Oh yeah! Let this one explain itself.

Listen to the Wolves serenade you

Story about a Wolf named Skull

Watch out in the light of the Full Moon

Wolf Nipple Chips..From Monty Python it's funny

Barney being shot by Wolvenstien 3D

"Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?"

Dragon Wavs

Dragon Growl

Ever heard a Dragon purr?

Dragon Wolf's personal fave!DragonWolf Howl

"Mean ol' dragon"

Puff the magic dragon


This page is for your enjoyment of listening to sound wavs...We all like sounds and music so click on the link to listen to it, and right-click to download Enjoy!!

If you like the wavs you hear and you don't want to download them one at a time, we do have them in ZIP files. You can E-mail Silver Wolf or Dragon Wolf and tell us which file you want: Pagan, Witch, Wolf or Dragon. Please in the subject line type "ZIP File" so we don't delete your mail.

Pagan & Witch Wavs

Blessed Be

Very pretty song

Wiccan Rede

Do the Happynekkidpagandance =o)

Merry Meet, Merry Part, Merry Meet Again

We all come from the Goddess

From the Simpsons

Witch laugh

Make sure you grabed the right broom

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