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In the year 1743, the last wolf in Britain was supposed to have attacked--and eaten-- two young children in broad daylight. The Wolf was killed by a brave hunter named MacQueen, and the local people breathed a sigh of relief.

Unlikely that this story is completely true, it is a good example of a "Big Bad Wolf" Story. This shows how some people are frightened of the Wolf. They are thought to be fierce, aggressive animals which would attack man for no reason. Myths of Werewolves ( good ol' horror flicks ) were also common. This doesn't help the Wolves image either, for werewolves were believed to feed on human flesh.

There are stranger stories about babies being nursed by wolves (seen the Jungle Book? ). It is possible that, a long time ago, wolves were regarded as kindly creatures which helped man.

As late as the 1700's money, or bounties, were paid for dead wolves in Finland. In some countries poison bait is still put down for wolves. And still to this day the idea of man and the wolf being unable to share the land still exist.

Conservation groups are trying hard to change this. They are trying to help people, including the government, to understand the wolf hoping that Wolf and man could be one.

Wolves are beautiful and spiritual creatures. The wolf can be saved, if we let the wolf be saved. This page is for all the Wolf lovers and for those we are hoping can see that the "Big Bad Wolf" is Red's and the Three Pigs problem, Just a Myth.

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